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How To Install Microsoft Office 2007
Installing Microsoft Office 2007 is exceptionally easy and you can be using it within about five minutes of starting the installation process.

How To Boot From The CD/DVD Drive
Your computer will more than likely be configured to boot from your computers hard disk drive. This is to say that once you turn on your computer the hard disk drive takes over and your operating system will eventually load. Now to change this we have to enter a part of the computer that is known as the BIOS. Within the BIOS you can change many settings and one of those settings should be the order in which your computer is set to boot.

How To Convert To The New Technology File System [NTFS]
Before we attempt to convert your file system, it is very important to make the appropriate backups of your favourites, music and any other files you consider important to be kept safe. When the conversion is taking place your current favourites, music and other files will remain intact meaning once the conversion has taken place you should be able to access and use these files. But if something were to go wrong and you find that you cannot gain access to favourites, music and any other files, you can rely upon your backups. So this conversion should be taken with a warning and please ensure you fully understand what it is you are doing before proceeding.

How To Dual Boot Windows XP With Windows XP
Dual booting is whereby there are two separate installations of an operating system installed onto the same computer. These installations can be onto, two physical hard disk drives or on the same hard disk drive utilising partitions. In this guide Windows XP will be dual booting along side another installation of Windows XP. You will have your own reasons for wanting to have two installations of Windows XP on the same computer.

How To Prepare A Second Hard Disk Drive For Use In Windows XP
So you've just installed a second hard disk drive to give you more storage space and you now need to use the new hard disk drive. As you have probably done on numerous occasions you click on My Computer hoping to find the icon of the second drive sitting next to the first one. However you will more than likely find that this is not the case. The reason for this is because the new hard disk drive has to be initialized. Then you will have to create a partition [when a partition has been created it should be seen in My Computer] and finally you will have to format the partition.

How To Use And Install The Recovery Console In Windows XP
The Recovery Console contains a set of powerful tools for fixing many problems that you maybe experiencing. There is no mouse functionality or fancy graphical interface and anything that you want to perform will have to be typed in. Knowing exactly what to type and knowing which command to type can be a little daunting. The Recovery Console is aimed at more experienced users but there is no reason why you shouldn't be at least aware of how to access it and how to perform a few basic commands.

How To Repair A Windows XP Installation
If you are experiencing difficulties with Windows XP then you may find it necessary to reinstall Windows XP. However a reinstallation of Windows XP can be time consuming. Therefore you may wish to consider a repair installation; as it's quicker. As you will be reinstalling Windows XP it would be advisable to make the appropriate backups of your documents, favourites, music in the event that something did go wrong.

How To Install Windows XP Home Edition
Installing Windows XP Home Edition is relatively easy and for most of the install you will not have to do anything. When you are required to assist in the installation, all that is required of you is to choose language, regional variations, time zone, computer name, network components and entering the all important product key. This guide is split into five parts due to the fact that I've added all the installation process, this will mean all images and the majority of the guide is just images of the install that require no input from you. So do not worry in fact you'll be surprised at how little input is required. Also anything that you input, for example your time zone can be changed later on when Windows XP Home Edition has installed so if you make a mistake then do not worry as it can be changed.

How to use AutoStreamer to Slipstream Windows XP Service Pack 2
With a few clicks AutoStreamer can slipstream Windows XP Service Pack 2 with the contents of your Windows XP Installation CD. This can make slipstreaming seem easy and can be a very convenient way of carrying out an otherwise laborious task.

How To Slipstream Windows XP Service Pack 2 And Produce A Bootable CD
Slipstreaming is a way of Integrating a service pack into a Windows Installation. The service pack files will be combined with the files that are contained on your Windows XP Installation Disk. This will then allow you to create a Windows XP Service Pack 2 - Installation Disk. So when you come to install Windows XP, the install process will also install Service Pack 2. This means that you won't have to install Service Pack 2 as a separate operation.

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