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I want to use my original Windows CD
I want to use my original Windows CD By default I want to use my original Windows CD is already chosen so just click Next to continue.

3 Green ticks

Windows CD drive: AutoStreamer should detect the drive where you have placed your Windows XP CD and if successful a drive letter should be displayed.

Service pack file: If you click the magnifying glass you will have to locate the Service Pack file. AutoStreamer will then analyze the file and display the build number.

If you have downloaded the Windows XP Service Pack 2 Network Installation Package for IT Professionals and Developers then the file name will be: WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe.

If you have the Windows XP Service Pack 2 on CD then you have two options. If you want, you can tell AutoStreamer to use the CD as the source for the service pack file. However you can copy the service pack file from the CD to your computer's hard drive. In both cases the file name will be XPSP2.exe. I recommend that you actually copy the file to your computer's hard drive.

Temporary folder: This is where AutoStreamer will keep all the files whilst it is at work. There is no reason to change the location of this folder but if you want you can, by clicking the magnifying glass and choosing a new location. Once AutoStreamer has completed this temporary folder will be deleted.

Satisfying AutoStreamer: You may notice that there are green ticks, these are to indicate that AutoStreamer or yourself has successfully completed a particular stage. However if you see a red cross then AutoStreamer requires your attention.

So when you have three green ticks click Next to continue.


Desired label: The Desired label is the name of the CD. There is nothing special about this name and you can choose whatever name you want.

Target ISO File: If you click on the magnifying glass you will have to choose where the ISO file will be saved to and you will also have to enter a file name. Again this is nothing special but make sure you have enough space for the file to be saved.

When you're ready click Finish.


Creating temporary folder... This is where AutoStreamer will create the temporary folder, if you left this option alone previously then this folder will be at C:\$AutoStreamer$.

Copying share to temporary folder... The contents of your Windows XP CD will then be copied to this folder. The time this takes will depend on the speed of your CD/DVD drive.

Integrating... Integrating Service Pack files into your share... Windows XP Service Pack 2 will now come into play and you will see some additional windows appear. Do no not worry as this is normal. The Windows XP Service Pack 2 files will be extracted to C:\[Random folder name].

Integrating... The extracted files will then be integrated into the windows share [the temporary folder with the contents of the Windows XP CD]. This is where the important files are updated and additional features are being added.

Creating... Creating ISO file from your slipstreamed share... This is where AutoStreamer will create an ISO file from the contents of the temporary folder.


Cleaning up temporary files used... All of the files that have been created and used will now be deleted. The $AutoStreamer$ folder will also be deleted.

AutoStreamer has now completed all of what it is designed to do. It has slipstreamed Windows XP Service Pack 2 and created an ISO file.

Click Exit to close AutoStreamer.

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