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What To Do With The ISO File...
ISO on desktop

Once AutoStreamer has finished slipstreaming Windows XP Service Pack 2 it will create an ISO file for you. This ISO file will not be recognised by Windows by default and because of this you cannot use this file in the way it is intended. For this guide we will have to burn this ISO file to a CD-R. However if we simply burned the file to a CD-R you would not be able to Install Windows XP from this new CD. This reason for this is that you have to burn the file as an Image and not as a Data file. So you will require CD Writing Software that is capable of burning an Image.

For example Nero 6 is perfectly capable of doing this as well as many other applications, but I could not possibly cover them all.

To start using Nero Click Start, All Programs, Nero, Nero Burning ROM. Please ensure that you have a CD-R in your CD writing drive.

Burn image... Using Nero Burning ROM at the top of the Window, click Recorder and choose Burn Image...

Open Now you will have to locate the ISO file that AutoStreamer created. In this example the ISO file was saved to the desktop. You should see the file appear in the window, select the file and then click Open.


Click Burn and Nero should then start the proceedings for burning the image.

The settings in this Window can be left as they are however if you want to change the writing speed then select the writing speed by clicking the menu next to Write Speed.

You can relax and let Nero get to work, you can check the progress of the burning through this Window.

You should see a Window appear informing you that the burning was successful. If you then click Ok the CD draw show eject allowing you to collect your CD.


You should now have a Windows XP Service Pack 2 Installation CD that you can now use to install Windows XP. As you can see using AutoStreamer makes slipstreaming very easy. If you want a very quick and easy way to slipstream Windows XP Service Pack 2 then I'll think you'll agree that AutoStreamer is more than capable. The ISO file that will be created by AutoStreamer will be bootable meaning that you can install Windows XP from your CD/DVD drive. As long as you have suitable CD Writing software that can burn an ISO file as an image you will have no trouble at all.

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