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How To Disable Startup Items When Using MSCONFIG

Disabling items that are configured to start when Windows starts is an easy way of freeing up valuable memory. You will more than likely find that your computer starts quicker and you will be reaching your desktop faster than you were before. Please make sure you understand exactly what it is you are disabling. Generally speaking you can disable all items with the exception of Antivirus and Firewall software.

How To Find Your Windows XP Product Key

Downloading, extracting and running keyfinder will find your Product Key within about 20 seconds. Windows must be currently installed for keyfinder to work correctly. It cannot for example ‘extract’ the Product Key from the Windows XP Installation Disk. The reason you are running keyfinder is for the very same reason you must note down the product key so you do not misplace it again.

How To Find Out The Version Of Windows You Are Using

Whilst you may already know which version of Windows you are using, [for example Windows 98] you may not know the specific version. Generally speaking you do not really need to know the specific version [with the exception of which Service Pack is installed] as it has no real use. But if you ever do need to know the specific version then winver is the way to find out.

Task Manager In Windows XP Appears Abnormally

A very simple way, yet annoying all the same, just to view the complete Task Manager. Simply double-clicking the specific areas will show or hide the menu bars and tabs.